Optimizing Product Search for Easy Ordering

Protekfire Corporate Website Design

Protek Manufacturing Corp.

Conventional Industry in Metamorphosis

Established in 1972, Protek started off by manufacturing metal parts and later established the firefighting equipment department, selling firefighting products worldwide. However, as an industrial product manufacturer, Protek also encountered the same problem that most Taiwanese conventional industries share: investing mostly in product development and technique research, while overlooking brand image management and online marketing. The difficulty in searching for products on the website may cause the company to lose potential clients.




Satisfy User Demand

After more than 40 years of worldwide marketing, Protek has gained a high reputation in the global firefighting industry. Nevertheless, the previous website was not capable of highlighting the company’s value and attract overseas buyers. The product catalogue structure was more than three layers deep which made it diffcult. Therefore, we used the Mega-menu design and simplified the product list, making it easier to search for a product.


企業網站 - 產品大選單設計

Maximize Content Space

The left-side menu utilized by most industrial websites in the past is being replaced in mainstream Responsive Web Design with the hamburger button, which gathers the product categories in the corner and leaves the major content area for product information.


企業網站 - 產品側選單採用漢堡選單的設計

Speeding Up Product Search

On the previous website, the viewer had to look for a product in the category layer by layer, thus, new customers who were not familiar with the product category often had to turn to sales agents for help. Now, thanks to the SELECTION GUIDE design on the front page, new customers, using either PC, laptop, or mobile devices, simply have to select the product attributes to search for the most suitable product in a relatively short amount of time.



protek logo

"CADIIS is a professional and collaborative website design provider. Eric has been very effective instrumental in delivering our new website within our expected timeframe."

Protek Manufacturing Corp.


Simplify User Flow Leads Business Deal

Not only is the website the company's portal, it also is at the forefront of interaction with overseas customers. In addition to using the website to understand the company's background and strengths, customers around the world use the website to search for product information and contact the company staff. As a result, when the company's website is easy to use and operate, there is a higher chance of a higher chance of success.