New Orders with New Website for Legacy Brand

GoodSky Company Website Design

GoodSky Electric Co., Ltd.

Old Brand, New Look

Goodsky is a relay manufacturer, which has long taken part in the electronic relay market. However, its website was out of repair, and overseas sales were slow. In view of this, the management attempted to modify the website and enhance the brand image, as well as strongly promote overseas sales. CADIIS provided the old brand with a new look by means of brand focusing and visual image packaging.




Highlighting Core Advantages

The first mission of the website modification was to analyze the website structure and check the website content. Goodsky is a precision electronics manufacturer. When the potential customers view the website and decide which company to cooperate with, they are looking not only for suitable product specifications but also for great capacities and advantages. Therefore, during the website modification, videos were created to re-establish the company image. Moreover, significant advantages were highlighted in the main menu, including R&D skills, process equipment, quality advantages, environmental policies, and customer service. In this way, potential customers can easily grasp the core values of the enterprise.

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Simplifying Product Information

The differences among the numerous industrial products mostly lie within a part of the critical specifications. Using the HTML table, the previous website directly displayed the complete yet complex product specification list on the website, making it impossible to display the complete product list in the future RWD web page (when viewed using mobile devices). Moreover, the HTML format made it difficult for the back-end maintenance staff to maintain the website. As a result, the new website highlights critical information and safety icons in the product information, allowing customers to decide whether the product is suitable according to its features within a short amount of time. On top of this, the HTML product specification list is opened in a PDF document, for the purpose of meeting the requirement for multi-device viewing of RWD.



Flexible Management and SEO-Friendliness

Most early websites used customized website systems where each back-end management function was independent and were short of a systematic structure. In recent years, many overseas websites have started to utilize the Joomla Content Management System (CMS), designing customized websites on the basis of the project requirements and developing customized functions. The modular and systematic structure of the CMS results in a more stable website developing process with minimum bugs, giving more potential for future website expansion. Furthermore, CMS also makes things easier for future SEO online marketing, with a considerably large number of functions enabling keyword deployment.



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"CADIIS has provided our two company websites with professional RWD website design and suggestions for keywords. We’ve received outstanding outcomes, and our boss is very satisfied with them. We also enjoy communicating with them on the project and their after-sales service, and we will definitely want to cooperate with CADIIS again in the future."




Create Greater Enterprise Values

The rapidly changing Internet enables website modification to not only enhance every aspect of an enterprise’s image but also help the enterprise go through a digital transformation with new website technology. Goodsky’s new website not only reforms the enterprise’s original look but also introduces brand-new enterprise values to its global clients. The new website, along with the subsequent exposition marketing and the website’s keyword strategy, will certainly continue to bring Goodsky a large number of international orders.