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Established in 1988, ZEUS HELMETS is a world-renowned professional motorcycle helmet manufacturer with a high reputation. However, the numerous motion effects in its previous official website, which were aimed at enhancing the brand quality, resulted in making the website difficult to use as well as in the slow rate of loading pages, rendering the website unattractive to its customers. ZEUS hoped to improve the interface design while still maintaining the brand quality of the previous website, as well as optimizing the interactive experience of RWD web design, in order to attract more customers. Therefore, the product information and store searching service were crucial in determining the success of the modified website.




The First Checkpoint in Brand Experience

Owing to the convenience of the Internet, the number of visitors of an official website is generally considerably larger than that of a brick-and-mortar store. In terms of both product-searching and store-searching, the official website functions as the first checkpoint. If the website is unable to provide a smooth viewing experience and comprehensive information, it is unlikely that customers will find the brand satisfactory. Nevertheless, the experience offered by the official website service is frequently overlooked. While most companies generally invest a large portion of their budget in building the customer service system, they tend to regard the official website merely as a representation of the brand image. It is our conviction that "simple is power," and once we detect and improve the key indicator within the customer service system, we expect a relatively high level of productivity.



Integrating O2O Service through RWD

Customers tend to physically try on a helmet before deciding to purchase it. As a result, it is crucial to be able to access store information with a cellphone in order to walk into the store and try on the product. If the website is equipped with correct and accessible information, customer satisfaction will rise by 60%. In view of this, we integrate GoogleMap API into the official website, allowing our customers to use their cellphones to search for nearby ZEUS distributors using the RWD web page of the official website.



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"I very much enjoyed the way you communicated during the preparation stage and the efficient simulation of the outcome, which allowed our discussion and my initial concepts to match up. I also received effective replies and solutions to the questions I asked. It was a real pleasure to work with your company on this project."


Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

The key to a successful official website of a brand is not the stylish effects. Instead, what customers look for is a quick, simple, and effective reply from the customer service department. In our modification of a website, we focus on improving the product searching service, the display of product information, and the store searching service. With the flexible CMS system, our marketing staff can take full advantage as well as easily update the brand information, rendering the official website a valuable marketing asset.