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A Beacon for the Users

Coretronic Group provides solutions to display projection applications of all types, including high-end engineering projection, business conference and educational interaction, digital entertainment at home, mobile/micro-projection, wearable display, and LED display for vehicle and business. Among these, "VSBG, Coretronic" plays a major role in the enterprise. Despite the positive brand image produced by the VSBG official website, users often found it perplexing when it came to the user interface and the operational procedures. In order to ensure the success of the modification of the website, several issues have to be taken into consideration, such as maintaining the distinction of the VSBG website while making it part of the official website, as well as improving the searching service and display of the product information, and combining solutions with product specifications.




Improving User Interface 

During the initial phase of the project, CADIIS conducted numerous discussions and research with Coretronic, hoping to improve the website interface and operational procedures on the existing basis of the Coretronic website with the aid of UI/UX design. The optimization of the website user experience resulted in a higher usage rate of the website, facilitating both sales and marketing. The establishment of product associations and the enhancement of the interdisciplinary integration capability are both goals that the website aims to achieve.



Solution-Oriented Design

VSBG also uses a new marketing strategy during the modification—"solution before product," providing the new clients of Coretronic, who have not been fully familiarized with the company, with a graphic introduction of the solution followed by the product information.



Approaching Product More Efficient

Those specializing in the field, such as the regular customers who are familiar with the product specifications and engineers of the industry, do not need too many instructions on the website. Therefore, when using the website, they can skip the solution page, and search for the product using Product Finder and selecting the product specification attributes. In this way, when selling the product, the obstacles in communication can be avoided, which leads to a higher chance of a successful bargain.



Edit RWD Pages More Friendly

Apart from implementing CMS in the modified version, VSBG implements the latest Page Builder, which allows the marketing staff and the design staff to edit the one-page web and modify its content, sparing them the considerable amount of time that would otherwise be spent on designing and communicating.




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"CADIIS has thorough comprehension of what their clients anticipate when operating their website, and this is why Coretronic decided to cooperate with CADIIS. While working on the project, CADIIS worked hard to achieve maximum profits out of an adequate amount of resources, resulting in a satisfactory outcome in our website modification. If you are looking for a long-term professional partner in web design, CADIIS is definitely at the top of the list."

Coretronic Group



Promote Your Business Successfully

Web design is not merely about vivid visual images. What’s more important is the optimization of the UI/UX usability. With respect to the back-end maintenance staff, only by keeping the maintenance and operation work flexible can they continue to bring more energy to the website. With CADIIS’s assistance, Coretronic is able to maintain the distinction of the VSBG website while making it part of the official website, as well as improve the searching service and the display of product information, and combine solutions with product specifications, rendering the website modification a strong force in promoting sales for each business unit.