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Authentic Nordic Spirit

Harvest One is a Nordic furniture brand created by Danish design master Boris Berlin, whose 5-WAVE series embodies the perfect balance between art and craft, winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. In cooperation with Boris Berlin’s brand, the Taiwanese furniture manufacturer Harvest Link International has successfully made its way into the global market.




Tiny Details, Huge Determination

Boris Berlin is one of the founders of Komplot Design, whose works Rubber Chair NON and Gubi Chair have been displayed in MOMA for a long time. According to Boris Berlin’s brand concept, Harvest One is more than a furniture brand. The brand spirit is coherently embodied by not only the product itself but also the brand identity, printed manuals, and exhibition design, which all strictly abide by the regulations in the brand manual. The official website design, without a doubt, is no exception.



Connect to Global Market

Harvest One has distributors in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. With the multi-language version, Harvest One has access to numerous global brand markets. The peer-to-peer multi-language system implementation allows not only easy back-end maintenance but also speedy language switching for the front-end users.



Superb User Experience

In order to help the potential customers see the authentic appearance of the product on the website, the website allows its users to use the mouse to rotate the product 360°. Using either computers or mobile devices, the users get to interact directly with the product.



Digital Simulation

Using 3D rendering to display the products not only saves a huge amount of money spent on space rental and product delivery but also allows the company to virtually present the product within a complete scenario with the aid of controllable digital light. Furthermore, 3D Render allows products that have not been officially produced to make their debut on the website, in order to attract more overseas orders.

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"CADIIS is highly responsive to our requests for the customized website design, and they have no trouble finding the style the clients want. Both of our company’s websites are designed by CADIIS, and we are very satisfied with our cooperation. It has been a great pleasure working with CADIIS."


Harvest One

Website is the First Step to Digital Branding

While Taiwan has a great number of high-quality products and exceptional manufacturing capacity, the Nordic design brand facilitates in creating a link between Taiwan and the global market. In this way, Taiwan is able to take part in the global market without having to spend too much time familiarizing itself with the Western cultural background. As an extension of the brand, the website is not merely about design; it embodies the determination of a global brand towards its brand value.