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Be Close to Potential Buyer 

Axper is a conventional CNC processing factory in central Taiwan, cooperating with several Taiwanese metal processing factories. Equipped with exceptional techniques and a commitment to excellence, it is most renowned for its processing of mechanical parts for products such as coffee machines. Hoping to enhance its brand image with its website and create global market opportunities, Axper strengthens its brand value by making metal processing into an exquisite form of art by means of image photography.




Shift to Precision Manufacturer 

A metal processing factory does not always have to come across as dark and oily. Instead, with the aid of professional photography, the factory can look bright and clean. Despite being a small enterprise, Axper treats metal processing work with the Japanese craftsmanship spirit and a commitment to absolute excellence. In view of this, CADIIS aimed to create for Axper a brand image highlighting "striving for perfection and quality" through photographic work, presenting the CNC processed products and the atmosphere of the global precision parts manufacturer through delicate images.

網路品牌形象 網路品牌形象
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Easy Way to Boost Your Marketing

A simple, small and delicate website avoids redundant and disorienting information, helping the customers focus on the core advantages and professional service of the enterprise. An impressive and positive website plays a crucial role in a successful online business. The website embodies the brand’s craftsmanship spirit and its commitment to excellence through visualized images, rendering itself a 24/7 online brand image advertisement.



Revitalizing Your Brand

Apart from the website, photographic images can be used in catalogues, exhibitions, large format printing, as well as online media such as social networks, online advertisements, and newsletters. In this way, the enterprise gets to spend less money on photographs as compared to purchasing stock photos, certainly making commercial photography a beneficial investment. Through these images, we illustrate not only a world-class factory but also the industrial culture and brand vitality, making the official website a door to the global market.